Lead-Carbon battery

Lead-Carbon battery is improvements from Lead-acid battery. Mix capacitance characteristics carbon with sponge lead(Pb), to merge the negative plates. Lead-carbon composite negative plates are assembly into Lead-carbon batteries together with PbO2 positive lead plates. Feature of Lead-carbon battery, as below:

  • When the battery in the frequent instantaneous large current charge and discharge work, capacitance characteristics of carbon material release or receive current, to inhibit “negative sulfate” of lead-acid battery, effectively extending the battery life.
  • When the battery do a long time job by small current discharge, the sponge negative lead plate do the maily job to provide energy continualy.
  • Better cold start capability, charge acceptance and large currenct discharge performance, because supuer composite electrode carbon involved into reactions.

Lead-caobon battery is one of most advanced technology in Lead-acid battery industry, is a new internatinal focus on the development of energy storage industry, has a very broad application prospects. Energy strorage battery technology is one of technologys constraining the development of new energy storage industry. PV plant energy storage, wind power and other energy storage etc., requiring battery having high power density, long cycle life and lower prices and other characteristics. Lead-carbon battery, lithium ion battery and flow battery are three main development directions of new energy storage battery industry. Among them, the cost of lithium battery is high, and consistency problems still exist; flow battery cost is also high; while lead-carbon battery is relatively recent practical sttorage technology roadmap.

According the technology improvement & market needs, Kweight also started studying Lead-carbon battery. Hopes in the near future, Kweight can bring better quality batteries for our customers.